Wald 198 Medium Plus Basket

Wald 198 Medium Plus Basket


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TheFixedGearShops basket collection is one of the most finest and extending collections in the cycling and fixed gear industry. Looking for a specific part or have any questions about the basket? Send out an email to our support and we will get you the basket you need.

This versatile basket is the most adaptable front basket offered by Wald.
A great sized basket for when you want to haul something that isn’t overly large but can really weigh you down.

• W 36.8cm | L 24.1cm | H 22.8cm
• Tapers to 31.1 x 17.8cm at base
• 22.2-25.4mm clamps
• Extendable legs from 35-55cm
• Mount to either axle or fork eyelets
• Complete basket weighs 1.36kg

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Weight 10 kg


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